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'There is no progress or improvement in the practice of budō, as long as one's consciousness is connected to egoism.' -- Excerpts from writings of Ōsensei (the founder of aikidō, Ueshiba Morihei) about mindfulness and musubi (connection)

Is the second verb of a Japanese compound verb more commonly written in kanji or kana?.

How to append a trailing newline using a generator in Python (getting nicer code and better performance

The cleanest and simplest way to implement Objective-C-like class cluster in Python

Frequency lists of common Japanese compound verbs and their V2 verbs, usage examples (sentence context), with a link to a short report with more information in Japanese.

What Japanese write about when they write about bugs

Ever wondered which Japanese characters containing fish are used most often?

Sakuradžima 桜島, aktivní sopka a dříve ostrov na úplném jihu Kjúšú, kde se také pěstují stejnojmenné obří ředkve. Zvláštní místo. / Sakurajima 桜島, an active volcano and a former island at the very south of Kyūshū, also home to the eponymous giant radish. An eerie place.

Pictures from the pretty parks of Kyōto and snowy slopes of Mt. Hiei in late February 2016.

Basic maths vocabulary for talking about vectors and plots

You should have backed up, and should have used version control. You didn't. Now what should you do?

Tōganji, a Sōtō Zen temple built by Oda Nobuyki, and Nagoya Daibutsu, a giant Buddha – 桃巌寺・名古屋大仏

Buying shoe wax in Japan. Jak jsem si v Japonsku kupoval vosk na boty.

Toyoda Auditorium at Nagoya University – Tojodova posluchárna na Nagojské univerzitě – 名古屋大学の豊田香道

Atsuta Jingū (a shintō shrine in Nagoya) – 名古屋の熱田神宮

How to get a SIM with a phone number for calling and data in Japan at a reasonable price

Since Mac OS X Lion you cannot remove attachments from some messages in Apple Mail. Here's a simple workaround.

Shows how to restore the ability to create header files along with C files in Xcode 4.

Photos of my first physalis peruviana fruits

How to make your plug-in's preferences module always appear correctly in Mail preferences in Mac OS X 10.7 (now updated for 10.7.3)

For better or worse seemingly every major application in Mac OS X Lion will have its own window style.

Most people seem to download Attachment Tamer Tuesday. I wonder if it's the same for all software.

AbeBooks, a marketplace for used books that claims to guarantee privacy, informed me rather laconically that their database of customer email addresses has been breached. pulled the plug on personal radios. Grooveshark looks like a viable alternative.

Review with photos: Artwizz SeeJacket Alu, aluminium+silicone protective shell for iPhone 4.

What happened to Google's exact phrase search and how to fix it.

Instead of pricey ceramics, Apple has opted for aluminosilicate glass.

iPad does not seem to recognize hexadecimal keys for a Wi-Fi network.

Everyone seems convinced that the next-generation iPhone will feature a high-durability ceramic back. After researching technical information about the possible materials, it turns out that such choice would be quite impractical.

My bachelor thesis about grammatical evolution now finally has a web site.

Who I am and what this is.