If only I could get more people download Monday morning!

I’ve recently started to use Google Analytics on my web site to see how people use it and if I can make it visitor-friendlier. So far I find it quite hard to extract the data that realy interests me, and the fact that my web shop1 resides on a different domain makes it even more complicated. But technicalities aside, I’ve noticed a surprising pattern. Most people download Attachment Tamer on Tuesdays:

Attachment Tamer downloads by day

If I had to guess, I’d say that most people would download Monday. That’s the day people check up on what’s new on the web, and sadly, also the day people commit most suicides2. Given that, I wonder if I could get more people download Attachment Tamer Monday morning!

  1. I know that it’s a “web store” for North American English speakers. Most of the time I try to be consistent and use American English, which is the language most of my customers speak natively, throughout my web site and software. This is an exception.

  2. …incidentally, most suicides seem to be commited right now in April (at least in my country), not in autumn (fall) or winter as most of us would probably think.