Prague Cafés, Tearooms, and Restaurants

I like good tea and coffee; simple, wholesome and reasonably priced lunches; small privately owned venues; locally grown and organic stuff. I don’t like cigarette smoke and incompetent personnel. I eat meat occasionally.

I try to keep this up-to-date and add new entries every once in a while. Most of the places are located in either Vinohrady or Staré Město and Malá Strana. If you understand Czech, you may also want to read my reviews at or follow the Scuk (Scuk) links below, you can often book a table using the venue’s Scuk page. All addresses link to Google Maps (☛). I will also try add more details over time.

15 September 2014: Everything should be up-to-date as of now, possibly except opening hours, where present. Too many good places missing; too little time.

16–23 September 2014: Finally got round to add more places, especially to cafés. Yay!

Places I like

Cafés and coffee shops (all non-smoking):

Tearooms (all non-smoking of course):

Restaurants (non-smoking):


Places I like too

Cafés (some of these are more like bars/pubs):


Restaurants (non-smoking):


Places ranging from OK to tolerable




Other places I have been to, some of which I like, but have not added them to the list yet

Still quite a lot of them.

Places I have been to long ago

Some places I have not been to

I’d like to visit these some time: