Aikido in Japan

I practiced aikido in Japan in years 2015 and 2016, and I'm practicing here again from 2022. If you are planning to train in central or Eastern Japan (Chūbu/Kansai regions) or if you like Endō Seishirō shihan, Ariga Kaname shihan, or Kuribayashi Takanori shihan, you may also find the following useful.

I’ve also written some blog posts about aikido (mostly in Czech).

Note: In the following text I sometimes use the standard Japanese suffixes -ken (県) for prefecture, and -shi (市) for city. Thus “Nagoya-shi” is “Nagoya (city)”, etc. Sometimes, names of places, dōjōs and teachers spelled in Latin characters are preceded by the same names in Japanese characters.

Dojos and teachers in Nagoya and Aichi (and also Amagasaki:-))

Dojos in Nagano-ken and in the Kansai area

Shihan (teachers)

I frequently go to seminars of the following teachers.


My recommendation is to go for Tōzandō, you can either order online or visit their shop in Kyōto.